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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] linking to files inside debootstrap

* Prof J C Nash <nashjc [ at ] uottawa [ dot ] ca> [061019 20:28]:
> In order to run some older software, I set up a debootstrap VM on one of
> my servers. Works fine, but...
> Now I want to be able to load files into a home directory public_html
> area on the VM. However, sftp wants to put this in the home dir of the
> "real" user in the real machine.

The best way to share files between outside and inside of a chroot is
using bind and rbind mounts.  A bind mount is like any other mount in
UNIX except that the filesystem being mounted is an existing directory.

From outside the chroot:

# mount -o bind /home /VM/home

now the two directories are "bound" together.  They have the same inode
number and hold the same files.

The other one I mentioned is "rbind".  This only differs from "bind" if
there are directories bound under /home.  If you use "bind" it will not
show the other mounts under /home in the target of the mount.

# mount -o rbind /home /VM/home

... this will however cause all mounts under /home to be visible in

Did I understand the problem correctly?

I think this is only available in 2.6 kernels... but I cannot verify it
not working in 2.4 as I don't run those anymore.


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