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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] reading IOMega zip disks.

Hi Ralph,
IMHO, the best way to do a work - RTFM. I've found two FMs : http://roosenmaallen.com/howto/zip-linux.php and http://eccentric.mae.cornell.edu/cfdlab/doc/zip.html. You may try to find other ZIP howtos yourself. Of course, majority of them are about parallel port ZIPs (as they were more popular), but the idea is the same. I'd loke to add one more note from myself. You may have >1 SCSI device connected to your workstation (you know that usb disks, CD writers (sometimes) are also treated as SCSI devices). So, in order to understand where your ZIP drive is, use cdrecord tool with --scanbus option (man cdrecord for details).
Have fun and good luck.


Ralph Boland wrote:

I have a number of iomega zip disks that I need to extract data from.
I borrowed a zip disk drive (has a usb port) that works with windows and



Ralph Boland
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