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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] SATA RAID Recommendations for Linux

* Milan Budimirovic <milan [ dot ] budimirovic [ at ] sympatico [ dot ] ca> [060530 07:15]:
> >Avoid Maxtor drives.  I have a whole stack of dead 80G and 160G drives.
> >Maxtor is horrible for shipping back refurbished drives that fail again.
> >
> The worst experience I have had was with 18G Fujitsu SCSIs.
> The Fujitsu IDEs manufactured at the same time were so bad that they 
> ended up dropping out of the market.

LOL  Fujitsu can make crap, that's for sure.

> I am looking at going RAID 10 this time. I don't really need the read 
> performance or capacity you get from RAID 5.

RAID5 does not necessarily yield better performance.  Consider that for
every (uncached) block that you want to update, the system has to read
from 4 drives and write to 2.  That sucks.

> That said, I have had mostly good experience with RAID 5, albeit with a 
> hardware SCSI controller. A lot has broken and I still managed to keep 
> my data and not suffer serious downtime. The worst thing was two years 
> ago when a bad power supply unit was causing perfectly good drives to 
> cut out one by one at random.

Stupid hardware :)

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