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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] SATA RAID Recommendations for Linux

* Milan Budimirovic <milan [ dot ] budimirovic [ at ] sympatico [ dot ] ca> [060529 18:50]:
> Does anyone have any experience/recommendations?

Avoid RAID5.  There are many issues with RAID5, search the web.

Try to get drives in your RAID set that come from different production
lines (if not from different production lines).  Same production line...
same defect... multiple failures in the same block.  RAID does not
protect from that.

Avoid Maxtor drives.  I have a whole stack of dead 80G and 160G drives.
Maxtor is horrible for shipping back refurbished drives that fail again.

I have never used hardware RAID.  I put more trust in the fact that I
have the source code for what generates the RAID superblock.  You should
consider what will happen to your data if/when your RAID controller dies
and you cannot get a replacement.

I have had mixed experiences with software RAID5 failures.  I have had
only good experiences with RAID1 & RAID10 failures -- as good as a
failure experience could be, anyways.


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