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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] hosts Problem

Dave Edwards wrote:

There's something wrong with my system's understanding of its
hostname.  The source:

$ head -2 /etc/hosts localhost bigstory.homelinux.org bigstory

$ cat /etc/hostname

The symptoms:
$ hostname
bigstory localhost.localdomain

$ hostname -f
hostname: Unknown host

$ hostname -a
hostname: Unknown host

$ sudo ls /dev/null # or any sudo command
sudo: unable to lookup bigstory localhost.localdomain via gethostbyname()

It also affects mutt's ability to use GPG and temp files, a DCOPserver,
and probably other stuff I have yet to encounter.

I've restarted the network, and I've also rebooted.  Neither effected
the cure.  Can someone help me get to the bottom of this?

What is in your /etc/host.conf file?

It could be that the resolver is trying to get the hostname via DNS.