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[OCLUG-Tech] Linux resources

Good day to you (would be more formal but I am knew here and there was no name attached when I signed up).

I am currently looking to get more connected in the Linux community here in Ottawa and surrounding areas.  I work for a very large National Top Talent Search firm that does alot of work with a vast variety of Linux companies here in Ottawa. In providing our services to these companies we are also enabling Linux people (i.e. Linux Developers, Administrators etc) to land new and challenging job opportunities.

I am hoping you can pass my message along to Linux people who are part of this community as one never knows the future and it is always nice to know there is company to call if the need arises where you are seeking new opportunities.

People who are interested can go to our company site at http://www.procom.ca where they will find a large amount of open jobs.

Thank you for your time.



Derek Weber
Director - Technical Recruiting

300 March Rd., Suite 600
Kanata, Ontario
K2K 2E2

Fax: (613) 270-9449
Phone: (613) 270-9339 ext 231
E-mail: derekw [ at ] procom [ dot ] ca