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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] reiserfs trouble

Mike wrote:
Well I just copied everything from the old root to a new partition, modified fstab and menu.lst for grub and I'm getting the same errors.

I'd guess the partition really is fine, and the problem is just that you're trying to fsck a read/write mounted partition.

Look at the kernel boot options in grub's equivalent to /etc/lilo.conf or /etc/yaboot.conf (I've never used grub, and can't tell you what file to look in). Maybe the kernel is being told to mount the partition read-write from the beginning.

Also, take a look at the scripts that run when you system starts. Depending on your distribution, these might be in /etc/rc.d.

If that doesn't help, what distribution are you running? Someone familiar with that distribution might be able to help.

OT: Any recommendation few a Bike shop that might be open today?
MEC was sold out of locks yesterday.

Too late now, but for future reference, Pecco's on Murray is open Sunday afternoons. 11:00 to 4:00 according to their website.

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