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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Something is eating /dev/null

Thanks everyone, the hints led me to to the following..

The dev/null device was being replaced by a dev/null file. It seemed to have something to do with the dialer program. I decided that THAT should not happen if the distribution was set up right.

SO I went to see what updates were available, (with the Suse Online update) sure enough, their was one where the Dial-up can upset the Dev/null File.

I said to go for it, and YAST spent the afternoon, evening and for all I know MOST of the night downloading and installing patches. The system seems to not even use the 33K of bandwidth available on my dial-up connection.

Looking this morning /dev/null is back as of about 2:30 this morning - I guess that is when the patch was run. and hopefully some of the other glitches I have been experiencing may be over. (IF I can re-boot)


Charles MacDonald          Stittsville Ontario
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