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[OCLUG-Tech] Firewalls...

Hi! I am somewhat of a newby although I have worked with Linux mainly as web servers in the Red Hat 6.1 days (which worked right out of the box...) I now work for myself and I am quite fed up with Window$ and I am looking to move towards Mandrake for server and workstation applications as it seems to be the most newby friendly distro according to what I have read. However, I also have an old P233MMX with 64 meg ram which I would like to use as a firewall between my dial-up connection and my internal network. I understand that some distros will do this in a friendly manner without to much fuss (I have messed with IPChains in the past and found it to be frustrating).

I would be grateful is someone could enlighten me on this.

Remy Boudreau


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