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Re: BGP daemon recommendation

Alex Pilon <alp [ at ] alexpilon [ dot ] ca> wrote:
    > Google's likely to deprecate their non-BGP + IPsec tunnels soon so now
    > I finally need to learn BGP and pick a proper daemon.

I don't know what that is, or why BGP and IPsec and Google go together at all.
Are you doing some kind of BGP-TE or BGP-MPLS distribution system?

    > Between Quagga, FRRouting, and BIRD, does anybody have a recommendation
    > of what to run? And yes, the little details you think only you would
    > care about and are overly specific do matter.

FRRrouting is new name for Quagga, so that elimininates Quagga from the list.
BIRD is very nice for advertising a stub network, and while it can be used
as a general daemon, it tends to be less feature-full.  I.e. more focused on
BGP and not other stuff.

    > Other than that, I'll have to deal with the usual, “why don't you just
    > OpenVPN” questions, ugh. I just hope they won't cite the 50-75%
    > meaningless, naive, or factually incorrect answers I preemptively found
    > on StackExchange.

I also have no idea how this relates to anything else.
You wouldn't use OpenVPN because your peer isn't using it.
If you weren't going to use IPsec, then you'd use wireguard.

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