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Thanks All!


Thank you to those who attended last night's OCLUG meeting - the comments/questions/suggestions for my "Linux for the Wacom" project were very helpful!

You'll be happy to know that I've reconfigured my VM, and have openSUSE and Inkscape working, with a PnP Wacom! openSUSE just has the drivers (thank you to the Linux for the Wacom Project!) Very cool, and thank you Jean-Francois for identifying the underlying problem with my VM configuration and walking through it last night.  It's working well now, and I'm having fun playing with openSUSE and KDE.

I still get the strange shakiness in Krita on every OS I've tried.  I'll keep playing with this - it may be something to do with the sensitivity settings, as identified last night.

Tug: I also downloaded "xournal++" and I really like it!  Thanks for suggesting that :)

Related to the Qi section: I checked my Qi solar power bank, and there is indeed a USB port, so yes, theoretically the Wacom can currently be charged purely via solar power (even without the Qi functionality - I just personally think that wireless technology is very cool).  Having said that, as we saw, the Wacom One version I have is a "light pad" and doesn't have its own "brain" or display.  Therefore, it's not very useful if just plugged into a Qi solar power bank - although there's lots of theoretical potential (sorry for the pun).

Thanks all,

PS: For anyone interested in BSDCan (May 17-20 at the University of Ottawa), information can be found here: https://www.bsdcan.org/2023/
See you there!

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