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Re: OCLUG meeting this week - Thursday Feb 2nd 2023

Tug Williams wrote on 30/01/2023 08.12:

When: 7pm Thursday Feb 2nd 2023
Where: https://meet.jit.si/oclug_2023-02-02_Wiz2MQTT_and_other_topics

Can I make a suggestion?

Make the meeting URLs static - I've got them in a calendar (2 of them, in fact), so when meeting time arrives, I can look at "today's" calendar, or a notification from Nextcloud about the event and get the URL.

No need to search email, no need to update a repeating calendar event every month.

Just my 2ยข.

In fact, maybe publish a calendar of events directly?

i.e. All the LUGs that I associate with (including this one) are found at:




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