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OCLUG meeting this week - Thursday Feb 2nd 2023

Good morning everyone,

When: 7pm Thursday Feb 2nd 2023
Where: https://meet.jit.si/oclug_2023-02-02_Wiz2MQTT_and_other_topics

This month we have an introduction to Dmitriy's new open source project Wiz2MQTT, which he offered to talk about at very short notice, so thank you!

I keep meaning to ask for volunteers to give talks, short or long, but usually remember a week before a meeting, so now I'm putting out a request for future meetings. If you have a presentation or demo you'd be comfortable sharing with the club, or a discussion topic you wish introduce, then please let us know.

In addition to Dmitriy's presentation, if time allows, I have a couple of discussion topics, which I've not prepared enough for a talk.

Topics to mull over, and I look forward to others knowing more about than I do!

_*Privacy, Secrecy, Security, and Accessibility*_
- Privacy - initiated by a couple of emails about this club's privacy rules.
- Privacy vs Secrecy - something we do, but don't talk about, vs something we don't want people to know we do.
- Privacy vs Security - moral intent vs technical competence
- Security vs Accessibility - PGP on your phone, medical records on the internet.

If ChatGPT can pass exams for MBAs (says more about MBAs or ChatGPT?), then what are the implications for /publicly available knowledge/ based work sectors?
    - Lawyers, where arcane inflexible wording is required.
    - Open Source software, if you can just ask "Hey ChatGPT, write me closed source code to replace libsomething".     - Family doctors, where symptoms lead to tests, which lead to diagnosis, which lead to treatment options.

Until Thursday