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Re: Linux friendly device

I have been using my android phone for notes. But do I really want my personal notes going into Google 's data suction input? Not that I have any  really private info to safeguard. Maybe I need to also carry a reMarkable around with me. Good idea -- Rick

On January 30, 2023 10:37:27 PM EST, James <bjlockie [ at ] lockie [ dot ] ca> wrote:
>Jan. 30, 2023 18:12:22 Jean-Francois Messier <jf [ at ] messier [ dot ] ca>:
>> I have been using a write-mostly device, one used to jot down hand-written notes in a completely paperless way. I am talking about the reMarkable 2.
>Good idea.
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Sorry for being brief. Alternate email is rickleir at yahoo dot com 


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