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Re: Bios crash

Thanks. Tried that, but no luck.The flickering lasts about a second then it flashes each half second. The external monitor remains black.I now suspect the Cmos battery or related. The laptop is from 2014 and has been running almost 24/7 every day since then. Actually I'm amazed the HDD has lasted this long!Sent from my Galaxy
-------- Original message --------From: Tim Forbes <tf [ at ] greenbullfrog [ dot ] com> Date: 2021-07-16  10:57  (GMT-05:00) To: linux [ at ] linux-ottawa [ dot ] org Subject: Re: [linux] Bios crash 
    You could try connecting an external monitor in case the problem
      is onboard display. If you are seeing some LED flickering due to
      disk activity, that could indicated that you have progressed
      beyond BIOS initialization and are into the OS boot sequence.
    On 2021-07-15 10:43 a.m., dpatte wrote:
      I appologize in advance if this is the wrong forum
        for this request, but there seem to be many experts on this list
        - so here goes...
      My laptop, a Lenovo y50-70 black screened
        yesterday, I presume during an automated windows update.
      It wont boot and I cant even get into the bios to
        see what's up. On boot a few leds go on (power, battery) the
        disk light flickers for a 1.5 seconds then flashes on and off
        each second. No other response.
      Lenovo doesnt seem to have a copy of the bios code
        I could download and reflash my bios with.
      Any ideas?
      I am presuming that the bios is corrupted. Does
        anyone have suggestions?  
        Sent from my
Tim Forbes