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IBM server - install linux

Hello there,

I have an IBM server currently running Windows Server 2008 R2. This is my only Windows box (right now) and is used to run my tax program (I have a small tax business).  The software, however will no longer run on this OS after January 10th (or so) so I'm working towards another configuration of my various computers.  One thing I want to do is to install a Linux desktop (Ubuntu or Mint) on this server, wiping out the Windows server installation.  Whenever I try to boot from the Linux DVD install medium the system goes to a grub> prompt, which I know nothing about.  I suspect there is something I need to change in the Bios, however I'm not sure what.  The hardware I am trying to convert is

IBM IBM System X3100 M4 -[2582AC1]- 0A
System Serial Number: KQ4X2CZ
Enclosure Type: Tower

The system has two IBM Scuzzy drives in a raid 1 configuration.

If you can help me on this, it would be much appreciated.   A hint would be a big help.


Mike Doyle
Clayton ON

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