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Re: Slack Channel

On 11/9/19 6:10 AM, Jeff Green wrote:

> Is there a Slack Channel for the group?  If not, would there be interest
> in making one?

There is an IRC channel:  #oclug on OFTC.NET


I'm now going to go on a rant. :)

I would not be interested in a Slack channel.  IRC is open-source with
an open protocol; Slack is closed-source with a closed protocol.  I
don't think OCLUG should be in the business of promoting closed source
or closed protocols.

Slack has discontinued options for using open protocols.

You can't log in to Slack as more than one user at a time.  This is
particularly annoying if you have a work Slack channel and also want
personal Slack channels open at the same time.  This is not an issue with
IRC clients.

I mean, sure, you can't easily send an animated GIF of a cat chasing a laser
pointer over IRC, but to me the lack of bullshit like that is a good thing!

End rant.



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