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Using Thunderbird (or other email clients) with Office 365 servers

About a day after I left for Florida, uOttawa switched to Office 365 from Exchange.
The Exchange server was bad enough -- took me a while to get DAVmail to provide a
suitable middleware to allow me to use Thunderbird.


I use uOttawa as my "professional" email. My handle there has been published with lots
of articles etc., so I cannot totally drop it.

I use gmail for mailing lists, including this one. I've noticed that sometimes I mention
something in an email, and seem to get "promotions" later. Sigh. So I don't want to use
gmail for personal stuff.

I use NCF increasingly for personal mail.

Thunderbird lets me:

- move messages around
- share a calendar (unfortunately google) with my wife. I don't use the
uOttawa calendar, which in any case would let administrative minions
schedule me for meetings I don't wish to attend.
- apply filters to sort incoming emails to appropriate folders

I can connect to uOttawa via web, and am forwarding everything to NCF, but there
is, naturally, a delay.

I've been trying to get a connection from TBird to the uOttawa Office 365 setup.
So far:
- tried IMAP -- after query have been told uOttawa has decided to block IMAP and POP.
- tried suggestions on various sites about using DAVMAIL. No joy, but I could be doing
things wrongly.
- tried TBsync similarly.

My questions:
1) has anyone succeeded in such a connection? If so, I'll suggest offline communication
and then a report when/if we succeed.
2) I plan to come early to next meeting (week Thurs) and could try there. I'll try to
prepare by making some notes and having various tools downloaded. Suggestions welcome.

Note that my fallback is to reset on NCF, with uottawa forwarding. However, that rather
seems like yielding the field to the barbarians.

I got a suggestion to try the hiri email client. It does work for Office 365 in the trial.
I'm not sure about my other accounts. However, it costs, and I suspect would be prohibitive
for me to use on the multiple machines I use. I tried to access the config files of this,
but the sqlite db is encrypted and I could find no files with signs of connection info
in cleartext.

Best, JN

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