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[OCLUG-Tech] Event Details - Linux Pi Boot camp

Dear Ottawa Canada Linux Users' Group Members and outgoing and incoming

Hello again, folks.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had the
intention of organizing a Linux and Raspberry Pi "Boot camp" and
Installfest.  As promised, I have finally gotten off my duff to finish
the info package to be presented in webbly and email form here and again
on Thursday if I can borrow a mere 5-minutes of your OCLUG club meeting.

There are several amateur radio clubs in the the Ottawa area (namely:
OARC, OVMRC, WCARC, EMRG) who are just getting their feet wet in the
Linux world and it seems like it's been quite a few years now since the
last time such an event was held (anybody remember "Open Source Weekend"
in 2002).  It would seem that the owner of Buyapi also really likes the
idea as well and may set up a table there to sell items and/or just
plain help out (assuming he isn't stuck working at one of his other
side-jobs that weekend).


The main info page for this event was hastily thrown together on my
Github account [1] and this is currently the *official* website... but
we can fix this if/when we run the event again (you are free to clone it
and/or issue pull-requests).  The primary welcome page is intended to
provide information to all "customers" and volunteers.  The information
for volunteers, the Linux experts of OCLUG, is on the "Volunteer Info"
tab [2].


At any rate, this event is going to occur at Algonquin College,
Woodroffe Avenue Campus, Room T119 on Saturday, May 23rd starting at
0900h and running until 1600h to allow for folks to come and go and to
give us time to have a nice relaxed pace and stop for lunch and so on.
We will also have a few short demo presentations spaced throughout the
day (please use the volunteer form [2],[5] to suggest your desired topic
and timeslot).  It is also likely that we will offer a pizza or
sub-sandwichy lunch for a small fee.  Since I do not expect you nice
volunteers to hang out there all day long with us, it might help to fill
in the volunteer sign-up form [2],[5] to remind us of this fact.

Thanks to all who have so far replied to offer their support and
apologies if I have neglected to email you each back individually.
It'll be fabulously helpful if you could please use the volunteer form
in lieu of email from now on unless you have questions.  Also, I would
like to note that without the assistance of Richard Hagemeyer VE3UNW at
Algonquin College, this event would probably still just be another item
on my TODO list.

If you wish to help promote the event, please feel free to share any of
the following links with others, particularly the Eventbrite thingy
[1],[4] which should help us to get a better picture of the expected
turn-out for the event.  A paper sign suitable for printing out and
sticking on walls at OPL or Carleton U or Ottawa U or what-have-you is
also to be found on the site under the "Download Links" tab [3].
(Perhaps I should make a web banner thingy for it this week too.)

Thanks again and see you Thursday.

[1] http://tylert.github.io/linux-pi-boot-camp/
[2] http://tylert.github.io/linux-pi-boot-camp/volunteer_info.html
[3] http://tylert.github.io/linux-pi-boot-camp/download_links.html
[4] https://eventbrite.ca/event/16372002099
[5] http://goo.gl/forms/qwVNy8H8ns


Tyler Tidman
OCLUG Board of Directors 2007-2009, Member 1997-2011
OARC Vice-President 2012-present, Member 2008-present
EMRG Board of Directors and Web Janitor 2009-present
WCARC Member 2010-present