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[OCLUG-Tech] a compelling application for bind mounts?

  prepping for teaching a (home-written) course in red hat enterprise
linux admin next month and decided i might as well dig into a few
topics i've never really understood intimately, so i'll be asking
about them over the next few posts.  first up -- bind mounts.

  does anyone have a *compelling* application for bind mounts they can
share? when i started searching, one of the first pages i came across
was this:


where my first thought was, "um, i'd just use a symlink for that," and
that's exactly what one of the commenters said as well. although said
commenter went on to point out that bind mounts would make more sense
in the context of a chroot environment or a VM.

  i can also see the intricacies of having recursive versus
non-recursive bind mounts, but i'm still reading. in any event, does
anyone here use bind mounts on a regular basis, and for what?



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