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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Hardware Problems

On 13-11-20 10:20 PM, Paul Hays wrote:
First step: I suggest trying a known-good power supply if you can.

Caution - the large capacitors in these get charged to hundreds of
volts, high enough to be dangerous. I've seen a few power supplies fail
for reasons other than the capacitors, and when the caps fail they can
damage other parts in a chain reaction. Computer power supplies are not
designed to be repaired IMO.

Probably depends on your sense of Adventure. They are routinely repaired in Third world Countries, but new units sell for the value of a technicians time to open the case up to look at them around here.

The caps on the "primary side" can hold a charge, and the primary side is of course connected to the power line when the Unit is turned on. So "Hot Chassis Precautions" are in order. The Primary rectifier is normally only a problem with a NO Power situation, but Look for Burned parts and traces anyway.

A determined Tech would use an ESR meter to check the caps.
Something like http://www.ebay.ca/itm/181171316406

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