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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Hardware Problems

First step: I suggest trying a known-good power supply if you can.

Caution - the large capacitors in these get charged to hundreds of volts, high enough to be dangerous. I've seen a few power supplies fail for reasons other than the capacitors, and when the caps fail they can damage other parts in a chain reaction. Computer power supplies are not designed to be repaired IMO.

[...] I never took a power supply apart before. Anything special I
should watch out for?

Generally, there are a couple large capacitors that are cooked.  The
 cans look a little "overinflated".  They aren't hard to change - but
in reality it isn't worth doing.  A good replacement supply is $50 or
so. If a power supply is questionable at all it isn't worth taking a

The caps can retain power for a while, so shorting them can be ...

-- Bill



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