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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Game system photos on Wikipedia given a huge boost

On Fri, 1 Nov 2013, Rob Echlin wrote:

Evan Amos is a profiessional photographer with a love for gaming systems.

Here is his story


His kickstarter has raised over the $8500 he asked for, but there isĀ  likely room for more.


OttawaJazzScene.ca (which I am publisher and a journalist / photojournalist / IT guy at) raised ~$5000 in our second community-funding campaign in June. We don't use a funding platform though. I run our campaigns in-house, so we can avoid the percentage that services like kickstarter take off the top. I also run all our servers in Ottawa or Toronto to keep as much email list subscriber and donor data as far away as possible from the warrantless spying that occurs in the US.

As much as possible, our workstation computers, web/mail/dns/list servers, etc. are Linux based, and are free/libre open source software. Thanks to our supporters, I'm able to give some financial support to software projects which we use.