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[OCLUG-Tech] Advise needed regarding Ubuntu upgrade

Good evening,

I have at home a server still running Ubuntu Maverick server. I know this is very old but it is very stable: It survived a move across the Pacific and I've had uptime up to 200 days: I only turn it off when we go on holidays. I tried in the past to upgrade it to Natty and Oneiric using "do-release-upgrade" but I got error messages while upgrading and the system became unstable after the upgrades. I had to go back to Maverick by restoring from a Clonezilla image I made beforehand. I know now I am really behind the curve and need to upgrade (mostly to run zfsonlinux and xen): I would like to run Precise like on my backup server. This server holds 9TB of data in a RAID6 served using samba and NFS. The boot drive is a Seagate Momentus XT 500GB and the RAID6 array is composed of seven 2TB drives formatted using XFS. It is also my main squid proxy. I can't risk screwing up with this much data because I can't back it all up.

Would it be possible to install Precise, from a DVD, on top of the actual Maverick install while preserving the content of /home, /etc and /var/log? i.e. without using "do-release-upgrade". Can I avoid another install from scratch?