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[OCLUG-Tech] about that arrow sockit ARM/FPGA board ...

  ... already received a couple emails about that arrow/altera combo
ARM/FPGA board so here's the details on it. disclaimer: i have no
financial interest in whether you get one or not, i just think it's

  here's the relevant pages:


  for now (AFAIK), you can get one only if you attend that day-long
arrow seminar and, at $99 for the day, you'd have to be deranged to
get the chance and not take it since you get a free board with it. i
tried to get into the one in kanata and it was already full but i know
someone who went so i'm using his board for now.

  it appears that the board will be available for purchase this
summer. it boots off of uSD card, with linux already bootable, and
i've verified that there is an openembedded build for it, whoo hoo! so
in terms of being able to play with an ARM processor and also do FPGA
programming, that's a pretty good deal.

  i'll bring the board tomorrow to OCLUG if anyone wants to check it



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