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[OCLUG-Tech] Apache2/php/suexec issues

As mentioned in an email earlier this week, I have setup my first linux server. But I am having an issue with using the correct php and fastcgi versions.

I originally set up apache using mod-php5. But I also needed fastcgi to enable some c++ apps I have built.

So I also setup fcgid, and all was working pretty well. I also got phpmyadmin running on the site.

I then transferred a Drupal 6 site to the server, and discovered that the php I had setup with mod-php5 (5.4) is not compatible with a Drupal 6 site. Drupal 6 requires PHP 5.2. So I followed instructions to build php 5.2.17 using phpfarm, and set that up with
fastcgi and suexec.

The problem I am having is that the Drupal site now runs fine, as do my fastcgi c++ apps, but phpmyadmin stopped working - presumably since it does not support suexec.

But if I enable mod-php5, the php reverts to 5.4, phpmyadmin works but my Drupal site no longer runs correctly.

Related, perhaps is that I also seem to now have both mod-fastcgi and mod-fcgid enabled.

How could I change things so that php5.4 runs in one virtual host, yet php5.2 runs in another?
And what is the difference between mod-fastcgi and mod-fcgid?

Will there be somone at the meeting Thursday that could check my .conf files to help recommend what changes I could make?

Thanks in advance.