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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Linux apps?

Hi Mike,
Enlightenment was really slow for years, but there is apparently heavy development now.
They expect to release 1.7 soon.

Enlightenment is available as a desktop on Ubuntu. Not sure about Debian.
I have used it and found it interesting, although it seems to have a couple of bits missing by default, like a Network Manager applet.

It is supposed to have libraries that are very efficient at 3D manipulation, and work reasonably well if there is no 3D acceleration available on your hardware, and possibly if specific 3D features are not available in the hardware.
That is why I am looking at it for writing simple games.
Anyway, I will check on the Enlightenment lists for detailed info, when I get time.

Thanks for the TKinter suggestion.
That would allow me to get the simple access to local info right before worrying about the UI for a more complex toy.

I may try GTK and QT for the same small stuff just to see how they work.
I think Glade is suposed to be good for GTK design. 
Is there a similar tool for QT design?

Rob Echlin, B. Eng.
613-266-8311 -  Ottawa, ON
http://talksoftware.wordpress.com  - http://picasaweb.google.com/coderoller

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>On 10/12/12 Rob Echlin said:
>> Hi
>> Has anyone here written GUI applications for Linux?
>> I am interested in writing a relatively simple app to start with,
>> prefereably in Python, maybe Perl if Python is too much work to get libs
>> for.
>> Examples:
>> - list the up/down status of a couple of web sites, 
>> - maybe something more complicated, maybe to list the unread emails available on a couple of accounts, 
>> - then a truly trivial graphical game, something  like "Hello Gamer
>> rfinnius- you have pressed 11 keys since the app started".
>>      - Where rfinnius is your login name.
>Python with Tkinter is more than sufficient for this. You can graduate up to
>Gtk or Qt if you want a more sophisticated api.
>> Also, is anyone familiar with doing those things with the Enlightenment libraries?
>> Is Python supported well in Enlightenment?
>No idea. Does anyone use Enlightenment anymore?



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