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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] National Captial Freenet

On 01/30/12 00:02, Michael Goguen wrote:
> I am on NCF.  They are good peeps.  They are helpful, but they do not have
> the staff to do lots of intensive tech support; you would do well if you
> can do much of this yourself, perhaps.
> I feel like I've had more issues than, say, I've seen my parents have with
> Bell internet, in terms of outages, although they have a pretty good system
> for letting people know what is going on etc, if you check out their site
> and stuff.
> I feel pretty sure I'm being throttled, with the issues I'm having with
> certain sites, and I don't feel that NCF is very likely to do this, so I
> wonder if somewhere else along the line I am having issues - network card
> or OS or whatever are possibilities, but Bell owns the infrastructure, and
> some sites might be routed through other bottlenecks/ control points, so I
> was wondering if others might be throttling my connection sometimes, and my
> guess was that it would be Bell.  They have been doing stuff to try and...
> force the small providers to charge the same prices they do, to kill their
> competitiveness, etc.								

They resell TekSavvy.
Bell turned off all throttling last year (so they say but I believe them).
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