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[OCLUG-Tech] FS: OLS2006 Master Videos (DVD single-copy only)

I have previously offered to be forth-coming with the digitized video
capture of various conference series including Ottawa LInux Symposium
2006.  Such videos include Xelerence/MCR's OpenCrypto and some
Virtualization and Vendor talks.

How time flies..

If anyone wants to rescue these for a nominal amount (my exepenses)
then please do email me in the next day(s) or ASAP.


I am currently quite happily employed in my day job with operations in
the Ottawa area and appreciate the efforts of those keeping OCLUG

My current situation is, I need cash and am willing to part with
assets and/or non-essentials to free up storage space, instead of them
just sitting there (or before it all gets chucked.)

When there were good times..  I spent some cash converting digital-8
tapes to DVD with the goal of getting them into streamable MP4 (2
done) and have a bunch of dvd masters waiting to be published
including numerous talks and general proceedings.  I have not reviewed
or edited them, except for a quick glance over some: showing video is
clear and audio quality is quite acceptable.

My original intent was to capture the event(s) so that it could be
reviewed by the same community involved in the event afterward
(persistence of memory).  I have already put hundreds toward this
project totalling 15-20 DVDs worth, across multiple conferences
including BSDCan 2004,2007 and PgCon 2007 (SITE).  You can buy which
ever you fancy of OLS2006 (Congress Centre), or I prefer the entire
lot goes to the conference organizers (xchg for my expenses).  One
copy only, once the master is sold, it's gone.


Provided I make out well with rent/expenses for this month, I would
consider simply donating them with-out charge. (Hint: not.)
Otherwise, they may all simply disappear into a trash dumpster
including other assets of mine.  No joke.  "Limited time offer. Act
now!" haha. (*)

Help preserve the archives -or- better yet, take them over:
   1.	I propose a "show and sell" at GOSLING were I quickly seek over
DVD (sample) and they buy it if they want the proceeding.
   2.	 Otherwise, someone may meet me at the mall with a their laptop
perhaps.  Consider this like a bake sale with DVDs.  All it takes is a
burner, some time and some small unmarked bills.  Then a percentage
can go back to the conference or oclug.
   3. 	You can have them all for the price it cost me, no questions
asked.  That was one of my original plans to sell them back to the
conference rather than trying to publish them myself as I've done in
the past for BSDCan2004 when I still had my colo.

Further Ideas:

= Ability to review presentations:
Those that were speaking or could not attend one track, can tune into
another they original missed it, with the video proceedings.

= Privacy concerns with video proceedings: One idea I had was to blur the
faces in the audience like in Police videos, but that would only increase
the production cost.  In vegas I could get my videographer license and
equipment taken away for publicizing faces of the crowd.  The speaker
is always volunteering to be photographed / taped when they get up and
present to the public.  But if I attended and got Podcat to the world,
could they make me anonymous except to those who have a "paid" pass
/ original attendies.

= Quality: (They simply got digitized as-is; so in some cases the camera
pans smoothly from speaker, to the presentation or audience, then back again
-- disorenting or a helpful perspective?  In lecture tapings, what they
usually do is have 1 or 2 cameras fixed.  Mine were on a tri-pod however,
so it's not that shakey.)

= Completeness: Some editing necessary.  In some cases they start and
stop on different DVDs and have large amounts of commentary/discussion
after the talk.  Most slides are visible, but there are no
corresponding PDF versions on the DVD.  Audio could be normalized or

= Pay-wall / original authorship: The copyright may lie jointly with
the speakers and the confreence organizers.  However, this could be
either released as Creative Commons (CC) or made accessible to members
who have paid for the event, for later review - much as USENIX charges
a nominal membership fee for some proceedings following conferences.

Perhaps an access code could be issued to attendees to ensure people
pay for the event, even if they attend via video-proceedings.  This
would help the conference organizers with ensuring future events are
optimally profitable.  If the critical mass was reached, then the
pay-wall could be torn down, allowing the commons access, such as a
certain time after the original event -or- they could increase in
value after the event depending on how popular the request is with an
amount going to speaker.

An option could be given to speakers, sans a total free online
publication (CC) that they could distribute their own video proceeding
in their site.  Personally, I would not use YouTube, but would use a
local server to serve it up.  That's just my preference.

(*)-If anyone is interesting, I was forced to leave a prior job of 3
years and move on to a new position this last election.  That takes
its financial toll even for a mighty single-consultant corporation
such as mine, especially after cut-backs and between jobs when one has
to live on savings and credit absent any severance-- and I was

Allan Fields
Himeji Systems, Inc.
Email: allan [ dot ] fields [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com
(Sent via OLPC text-browser gmail w/ mouse)

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