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[OCLUG-Tech] Project Proposal

Hello OCLUG,

I am Teresa Baldwin, the Community Manager of FOSSLC. We, along with
Ottawa U IEEE Chapter, are putting on a open source programmer's
conference on August 27th and an OpenStreetMap mapping party on the
28th. We are proud to announce that we are getting speakers like
Richard Weait (OSM), Mike Shaver (Mozilla Foundation founder),
Christopher "Monty" Montgomery (Ogg/Vorbis creator) and Richard
Stallman (GNU, Free Software Foundation). More information can be
found here: http://www.fosslc.org/drupal/sc2011

The project that we'd like to propose is thus: we'd like to be able to
bring in people that wouldn't otherwise be able to go to the
conference. Students, unemployed, or underemployed, who would be
helped by going to the conference and learning about the open source
tools that are out there and what people are doing with them. We are
looking to help cover our costs, as we are serving snacks, lunch and
have an evening event at the NAC.

If accepted for funding, we would offer a few gratis tickets to OCLUG.

Thank you for your time.

Teresa Baldwin
Community Manager, FOSSLC
tnbaldwin [ at ] fosslc [ dot ] org