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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] privoxy or similar tunnel?

Many thanks to all for replies.
Stephen's suggestion proved the ticket, given my setup.

To provide the steps in case others interested:

1) get the connection going by opening a terminal and issuing

ssh -D 1080 (me)@(myserver).ca

We use ssh keys already on this machine for doing cron-based backups, so this is very
suitable to our machines.

2) On Firefox (for us, at least), go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced choose Network tab, then
Settings under Connections.
Activate 'Manual proxy', (default is "use System proxy settings"), and in SOCKS box put
localhost with port 1080.

Note: I put 1090 on my machine in both this and the ssh line above so I would avoid any
collisions when Mary using the tunnel. Is that needed? A good or bad idea? I'm relatively
ignorant of these aspects of the tunnelling approach.

3) Installed QuickProxy add-on to Firefox that allows a quick toggle of the proxy on and
off. I first tried FoxyProxy but did not have much joy -- too complicated and not
well-documented (i.e., in the Help) for quick setup in this case. However, others may want
to comment.

I like to exit the ssh proxy when done. Is that a good/bad/indifferent choice?



On 12/27/2010 12:05 PM, Stephen Gregory wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 08:26:57PM -0500, Prof. John C Nash wrote:
>> I've a server in Canada and am thinking of trying privoxy or similar
>> tunnel. Does anyone have experience or advice on use of privoxy or
>> similar tools?
> If you are going to setup an internet accessible web proxy you need
> one that supports authentication. Privoxy does not support any
> authentication. A web proxy like squid does support authentication
> but I recommend that you use ssh with the "DynamicForward" option to
> create a socks tunnel. It is trivial to setup.
> Start the tunnel with:
> ssh -D 1080 server-in-canada
> Set the web browser proxy to use SOCKS V5 with localhost 1080 as the
> SOCKS Host.
> Watch TVO.
> There is/was a firefox plugin that will give you a button to easily
> turn the proxy settings on and off. 
> If she is using that other OS the ssh client putty also supports
> dynamic (SOCKS) tunnels.