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[OCLUG-Tech] Kubuntu, 10.04 need help with tweaks.

After my Kubuntu 9.04 system refused to update to 9.10 for weeks, I was surprised last weekend when it suddenly wanted to do the update. No sooner did it get to 9.10 but it wanted to go to the new 10.4 version. I decided to let it update while it was in the mood. Most things seem to work, but there are a few annoying glitches which I am having trouble finding.

Screen Size: Beofre Kubuntu would start up with a smaller than desired screen size, but when the "screen size and rotate" app started in teh tool bar, it would jump to the full screen size.

The new version starts in 1024 X 768, and I have to select the 1360 size manually. It switches and I have to agree. I tried clicking the save settings on the Monitor gamma page but it does not seem to remember the settings. setting it in the control panel also does not work.

Amarok/KDE WALLET: Every start up Amarock wants my KDE wallet password. WHY? Should I give it to it, and if so how do I get it to stop bugging me.

Thunderbird Mail files: The old version of thunderbird would show the number of unread mails, total mails in the file and size of the file. The new version only shows the number of unread. I can't find a setting to make the other information appear.

Charles MacDonald                 Stittsville Ontario
cmacd [ at ] zeusprune [ dot ] ca              Just Beyond the Fringe
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