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[OCLUG-Tech] FOSS Organization as a Service

Hi, Eseri is a team of six Ottawa software engineers that for several years have been integrating a best of FOSS Organization-as-a-Service (OaaS) solution. It's now pretty solid and can support most of a typical organization's IT needs. So we are now looking for organizations, groups, and teams who would like to trial it for free.

You can access your organization on virtual Ubuntu desktops from almost any Internet connected computer. Every desktop has an integrated suite of the world's best open source productivity and collaboration software, from CRM to Document Management to Web Conferencing and more. (We also maintain the Wiki http://FreeOpenSourceSoftware.org/.)

Your first desktop can easily add, archive, and restore additional desktops whenever needed. All the desktops in your organization have secure access to a shared folder, team calendaring, single-sign-on to collaboration applications, and other elements of a full organization IT solution.

Why use "old-fashioned" browser-based applications when you can get the best of open source on a familiar desktop across the Internet? We use the NoMachine NX software for scalability reasons, but FOSS versions continue to develop. Whichever you use, thanks to NX performance the FOSS world can now provide more capability than browser only applications, at much less cost, to a wider field of users than ever before.

Please contact me if you have a group that might be able to benefit from use of our solution, and would be willing to provide us with feedback on their experience. We are currently offering 3 month free trials.

More information can be found at http://Eseri.com/

All the best,
Bill Stewart
Eseri CEO


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