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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] lab cleanup time - servers for free

What a difference, I did send out a message like this last time we did
downsize the lab and in the end it was only one person interested for
one load and a little later he wanted more but then it was already gone.
This time it's only a few hours since the email was sent out and I
already 11 replies and counting.

The office is moving and the "90%" stuff below is on my own dispose list
so it's pretty sure it will be up for grabs at some point, probably
within a month or two (I started now to give people time to think about
it and maybe make space). 
In the lab there are also other groups that will have the same issue and
I will ask them if I can take care of there stuff also, and then the
list will expand a little (some older sun servers, 220 I think it was).

I will collect email addresses (the ones I got so far and any new ones)
and when I figured out a little more (like how I can arrange the
exchange) I will reply to you all with more info.


On Tue, 2010-02-09 at 11:33 -0500, Peter Sjoberg wrote:
> At the office we are cleaning up a pile of stuff (again). It's not yet
> clear exactly how much or what but I like to start collecting name of
> people who may be interested in things so when the word comes I have a
> place better then disposal ready for the hardware.
> Disks and tapes are a political issue but I will try to get that _I_
> take them home (wipe them and then "dispose" of them)
> On the 90% sure list is 
> * Several Compaq DL380-G1, best ones are 2x1GHz cpu, 2048MB mem, 4x18G
> disk, RIB (remote access), dual nic card.
> * some DL580, all with 4x700MHz xeon, 3.5-4G mem, 4x18G disk
> * one external compaq JBOD disk array
> ** think it was 7+7 disks loaded with 18G disks. 
> ** looks like http://tinyurl.com/yagpu7x (not my pic)
> * Huge tapelibrary (physically speaking) storagetek timberwolf STK9714.
> ** 100 tape slot
> ** 4 x DLT7000 (35/70G) drives, actually 6 but 2 are broken
> ** 100+ wiped barcoded tapes
> ** pci scsi diff card and cables included
> ** currently used for bacula backups
> ** looks like http://tinyurl.com/4p4z3 (again - not my pic)
> * a few rackmountable 10/100 switches, 24-48 ports, managed(cisco) and
> unmanaged(3com)
> * misc parts like
> ** scsi raid controllers - mostly compaq smartarray but also some other.
> ** memory for the dl380
> ** DL380 cpus <1GHz
> ** some 10/100 nics, single - dual and quad (quad are sun version that
> works on servers with <2G mem due to some iommu issue)
> less sure about
> * some full height 19" compaq racks
> * sunfire 280r
> * two HP-UX servers
> /ps