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[OCLUG-Tech] lab cleanup time - servers for free

At the office we are cleaning up a pile of stuff (again). It's not yet
clear exactly how much or what but I like to start collecting name of
people who may be interested in things so when the word comes I have a
place better then disposal ready for the hardware.

Disks and tapes are a political issue but I will try to get that _I_
take them home (wipe them and then "dispose" of them)

On the 90% sure list is 
* Several Compaq DL380-G1, best ones are 2x1GHz cpu, 2048MB mem, 4x18G
disk, RIB (remote access), dual nic card.
* some DL580, all with 4x700MHz xeon, 3.5-4G mem, 4x18G disk
* one external compaq JBOD disk array
** think it was 7+7 disks loaded with 18G disks. 
** looks like http://tinyurl.com/yagpu7x (not my pic)
* Huge tapelibrary (physically speaking) storagetek timberwolf STK9714.
** 100 tape slot
** 4 x DLT7000 (35/70G) drives, actually 6 but 2 are broken
** 100+ wiped barcoded tapes
** pci scsi diff card and cables included
** currently used for bacula backups
** looks like http://tinyurl.com/4p4z3 (again - not my pic)
* a few rackmountable 10/100 switches, 24-48 ports, managed(cisco) and
* misc parts like
** scsi raid controllers - mostly compaq smartarray but also some other.
** memory for the dl380
** DL380 cpus <1GHz
** some 10/100 nics, single - dual and quad (quad are sun version that
works on servers with <2G mem due to some iommu issue)

less sure about
* some full height 19" compaq racks
* sunfire 280r
* two HP-UX servers


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