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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] can't boot from older PC

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 05:08:53PM -0400, Lisa wrote:

>> I'm trying to boot a Fedora 10 Live CD from an 'older' PC that I want to 
>> use as a Linux platform, but it just won't detect the CD after a restart.
>> I verified that the PC can detect and boot from a Windows installation CD, 
>> so I know it's not something broken in the PC. I also verified that the 
>> Live CD is bootable on my 'newer' PC.
> Is the LiveCD a CD-RW by chance?  Some of the early CD-R drives don't like 
> CD-RW's and will not recognize their presence at all.  "Factory" stamped 
> CD's, and usually CD-R's, will still work on these without a problem.  My 
> old laptop (now inherited by my father) is like that too.  Have you tried a 
> CD-R, or a different CD-R?
> The second thing that can go wrong is that old drives can get out of 
> alignment a bit.  If the drive that burned the CD is also a bit out of 
> alignment but in the opposite direction, the variance can be great enough 
> to render CD's burned on one to be unreadable on the other.  Try burning 
> the CD on a different drive, or if possible on the drive of the target 
> system.

Exactly. I try to fix up old PC's that are given to me and nine times
out of ten the first thing that I replace is the CD-Rom drive. I install
using CD-RW, so if a drive is iffy out it goes. I have a pile of 30 of 
them in my basement that you can have for $0.25 :-)


Howard E.