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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Problem with a raid array at boot time

* Rosberg, Michael <mrosberg [ at ] telesat [ dot ] com> [090320 15:53]:
> Yes, but as you pointed out in a previous post, the SATA modules were
> not compiled into the custom kernel.
> My suggestion may be a long shot but only takes a single reboot to
> try. It worked for me when I upgraded to FC10 and encountered the
> noted bug with the stock 2.6.27 kernel. In my case the initialization
> of my Adaptec u320 controller was delayed until after LVM attempted to
> access the physical drives. It sounds like Charles could be having a
> similar issue with Linux Raid.

I remain unconvinced.  His raid gets probed by the kernel before initrd
would have started, so it cannot be fixed by initrd.

        scsi_mod.scan=  [SCSI] sync (default) scans SCSI busses as they are
                        discovered.  async scans them in kernel threads,
                        allowing boot to proceed.  none ignores them, expecting
                        user space to do the scan.

This will not help since his raid probing is done by the kernel before
userspace is available to load the ahci module... which is needed to
find the other 4 disks.


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