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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Problem with a raid array at boot time

* Charles Nadeau <charles [ dot ] nadeau [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com> [090319 20:28]:
> Here is  /var/log/dmesg:

Your problem is that the driver for the chipset, to which the latter 4
drives are connected, is loaded after the md/raid drivers.

The drivers in question are:

sata_nv:      sda .. sde
ahci:         sdf .. sdi

You'd have to force ahci driver to be loaded earlier.

Do you boot with an initrd or do you have a custom kernel?

> I do not have any config* file in my /boot directory.

Do you have a /proc/config.gz ?  Can you run zcat on it ?

I think you can just give me the output of lsmod, that's all I need now.


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