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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] KOrganizer

I don't have any skill in this area, but I like the analysis.  It is certainly 
something I'd very much like see.  I guess the free/busy option in the 
Korganizer does not help?


On May 3, 2008 11:01:42 am Chris H wrote:
> On Thursday 01 May 2008 09:10:25 Bruce Harding wrote:
> Ive done some work on this to find out what going on. Ive created a
> resource in KOrganzer for personal and "Testing" just to have a test
> source. So far I know the following.
> 1. creating an appointment creates a file similar too (2 appointments)
> libkcal-1170292698.368
> libkcal-373861314.849
> There seems to be no logic behind the naming convention, or none that I can
> see or recognize as .849 was created prior to .368
> 2. The file itself has all the pertinent data though as its a standard Vcal
> file format.
> example:
> -----------------------------
> PRODID:-//K Desktop Environment//NONSGML libkcal 3.5//EN
> DTSTAMP:20080503T144113Z
> ORGANIZER;CN=Chris H:MAILTO:chris123 [ at ] magma [ dot ] ca
> CREATED:20080503T144111Z
> UID:libkcal-1170292698.368
> LAST-MODIFIED:20080503T144111Z
> SUMMARY:Test Appointment
> DTSTART:20080503T174500Z
> DTEND:20080503T183000Z
> ----------------------------------eof--------
> Since its a standardize format all the necessary info is present:
> creator
> creator email address
> location
> summary
> start date & time (even though I dint understand the notation)
> end date & time
> alarm
> alarm duration
> So it should be possible to write a script that parses this file and
> extracts the necessary data to a designated output.
> Now if this script was pointed to a directory that stores all the vcal
> files it could walk the directory listing, parse the files to extract the
> data and alarm value and email the data to any assigned email address for
> example my cell phone. A long time ago the free version of Star Office
> which had its own calendar had this feature and it was fantastic.
> This script could be run as a cron job or alternatively KOrganizer does
> provide a facility for this (that I have not been able to get working)
> under KOrganizer New Event dialog>Reminder>Advanced. Here I find the option
> to select a program rather then pop up and the fields programs file &
> program arguments.
> So I was wondering as I don't have extensive scripting experience nor a
> programmer has anyone played with this concept or idea. Secondly, in terms
> of overview is the analysis correct and can it be done?
> regards