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[OCLUG-Tech] A view/snapshot of what is in RAM ??


I just want to get a look or overview of what and where things are in
memory or as reported by virtual memory?

I understand, that in reality, addresses for processes and parts of
processes can be almost anywhere in RAM.  But there is an organizing
process that takes place in VM.  Manuals and texts make reference to
fixed locations for things like BIOS code.  Others show programs as
being at a base address with consecutive lines of code being offset.  I
would like to see how all of this gets represented in a organized
logical fashion on a running machine.

I know I can get addresses etc. with self-written C programs.  I was
just wondering if there exits a nice little gui program (but command
line will do) that shows me where (at what addresses) different things
are being stored.

first and last address of my memory,
BIOS that has been written to memory,
Kernel space,
User space,
  processes (running and sleeping),

I would like to see start and end addresses for the above.
I would probably only look one or two times and then be content.
I tried to cat /sys/* and cat /proc/* but couldn't find anything useful,
but that doesn't mean its not there.

There are several different commands I can use like ps -aux, top etc to
see partial answers, but I was wondering if anyone knew about something
that would give me an overall view from first address to last (or last
being used).

Regards Bill