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[OCLUG-Tech] [oclug-announce] October Tutorial: libqcap

  ANNOUNCING: libqcap, context free grammars for network stream parsing

 Topic:          libqcap
 Date:           Thursday, October 26th, 2006
 Time:           6:30pm to 8:30pm (Come a bit early for drinks and snacks)
 Cost:           Free (Donations to OCLUG appreciated)
 Location:       ExitCertified, 85 Albert St., Suite 1200, Ottawa.
 Map:            http://tinyurl.com/cd6l

 This is one of a series of Linux/Open-Source Technology Seminars to be
 presented by the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group (OCLUG) and
 ExitCertified.  ExitCertified has generously made their classroom
 space available to OCLUG for these training sessions and other events.

 Packets for streaming network protocols are usually handled with
 hand-written parsers. Those parsers can be error prone, insecure,
 slow, and hard to maintain. This talk will introduce the idea of using
 context free grammars to build network parsers, and present libqcap,
 an experimental library for parsing all levels of the network stack
 including IP, TCP, and any streaming protocol.

 You can learn more about libqcap from http://qcap.sf.net/.

 Evan Hughes is a recent graduate of Carleton University's Masters of
 Computer Science Program. He has spent the past six years working in
 and around industry and doing academic research.

 Registration for this class is on a first-come, first-served basis.  If
 you are interested in attending, please email: tutorials [ at ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca
 with the subject line: October Tutorial.  Please include your name and
 email address in the email.  Your reservation will be confirmed via

 Please sign up ASAP, as there are only 20 seats available.  These
 classes usually fill up very quickly!

 As seating is limited, please make every effort to attend if you sign
 up.  If you must cancel, email tutorials [ at ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca so we can make
 the spot available to someone on the waiting list.

 OCLUG and ExitCertified plan to continue this series of technology
 courses.  We plan on holding one session per month, with various
 topics and skill levels covered.  If you are interested in leading a
 training session, or have a good idea for one, please contact
 tutorials [ at ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca to arrange something.

 Volunteers are needed to teach these classes and ensure the sessions
 continue to be a part of OCLUG's regular schedule of events!

 ExitCertified is a certified provider of IT training in North America,
 authorized by Sun Microsystems, Symantec/Veritas, Oracle, IBM, Guru
 Labs/Linux, MySQL and No Magic.  Current facilities are located in
 Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary, Sacramento, and
 San Francisco with training provided globally.

 ExitCertified stands for Excellence in IT Certified Education,
 specializing in advanced fields such as system administration,
 programming, database administration, data protection, security, high
 availability, identity management, and project management.  Being able
 to offer these education solutions with vendor certified instructors
 brings a tremendous amount of depth to the classroom experience.

 For course offerings and schedules, visit

 The Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group promotes and supports the use of
 Linux at the local community level in Ottawa.

 Founded in March 1997, OCLUG holds monthly general meetings and other
 special events.  Membership in OCLUG is diverse from newbies to the
 proverbial Gurus.  OCLUG was created to help promote Linux in the
 Ottawa area and maintains several mailing lists to help accomplish
 this goal.

 For more information about the group and its activities, please visit
 our website located at: http://www.oclug.on.ca/

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