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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Strange problem with DNS.

On Thu, 11 May 2006, Charles MacDonald wrote:

My wife has been using linux and presented me with a stange problem.

She has been trying to get some infomation from www,ishares.com
  and has not been able to raise the site.  a check with  "Host"  says
it deos not exist.

cmacd@linux:~> host ishares.com
ishares.com has address
ishares.com mail is handled by 10 mail-rc-04.barclaysglobal.com.
ishares.com mail is handled by 10 mail-rc-05.barclaysglobal.com.
ishares.com mail is handled by 10 mail-sf-04.barclaysglobal.com.
cmacd@linux:~> host www.ishares.com
Host www.ishares.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Hi Charles. What version of 'host' are you using? The output above is not that I'd expect from a vanilla host command. Do you have aliases set?

You may wish to consider using 'dig' too.

The domain looks fine to me.  The SOA TTL is arguably too short.

Notice I query authoritative servers below.

$host -t ns ishares.com
ishares.com             NS      ns2.barclaysglobal.com
ishares.com             NS      ns1.barclaysglobal.com

$host www.ishares.com
www.ishares.com         A

$host www.ishares.com ns2.barclaysglobal.com
www.ishares.com         A

$host www.ishares.com ns1.barclaysglobal.com
www.ishares.com         A

$host ishares.com ns1.barclaysglobal.com
ishares.com             A

$host -t soa ishares.com ns1.barclaysglobal.com
ishares.com SOA dns-sf-03.barclaysglobal.com hostmaster.ishares.com (
                        2006042718      ;serial (version)
                        7200    ;refresh period (2 hours)
                        3600    ;retry interval (1 hour)
                        2419200 ;expire time (4 weeks)
                        300     ;default ttl (5 minutes)

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