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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Still no DSL connection.

Howard Krakower wrote:
Bill, is he connecting from the DSL modem directly to the Linux box?
If so, he needs to use RPpppoe or similar. If he is using a dedicated
router (e.g., a Linksys), then the linux box should be set up for
ethernet. What distro is he using? As well, if he has webmin, the
configuration may be easier.


He's connecting from a Linux box to the DSL modem. It's an Ethernet/DSL modem, and we've recommended using RP-PPPoE. He's running Fedora Core on the box and he's aware of the RedHat Network Configuration tool. I've sent links to Fedora-specific DSL configuration howtos.

From out here in the far East, it sounds like 10 minutes of calm experience could help Fred save a whole bunch of frustration and time. Unlike the other operating system, I expect one of our community could make the effort to help Fred get connected.

I may have some time tomorrow, but I'm travelling to Boston on Saturday till Tuesday, so if I can't fit it into a small time window, I really would appreciate a West-ender helping him.

Bill Strosberg