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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Gui program editors / IDEs

Dave Edwards wrote:
* Bill Strosberg [2006-01-16T08:55-0500]:

What tools are folks using on the list? What may be worth checking out? Are other people experiencing the same issues I am with Quanta Plus?

Hi Bill!  Off-hand, I can think of Screem, although I don't use it or
Q+ either.  Maybe I should try them again.  Does Q+ offer

Thanks for the responses, guys.

Q+ key bindings are configurable.  I've set a few to make life easier.

Screem seems (on very superficial inspection) to be more of a html/web editor and less of a general programming editor for my tastes. It doesn't seem to support ssh/sftp connections, and I do not run ftp on any of the boxes I administrate.

I love vim, and it works very well for ad-hoc editing on remote boxes through shell sessions - but I don't generally do remote x-windows tunnelled through ssh, therefore the gui version isn't really a winner. vim's multi-windowing (Ctrl-w, Ctrl-w anyone?) works well, but it chews screen space on the currently in-use window. You can duct tape antlers to a dog, but it isn't really a reindeer, contrary to Dr. Suess's theory.

I'll take another run at Screem and Bluefish and post my thoughts. I dug through the Q+ site today and found my issues are shared and have been simmering for a while - it looks like the development team is pretty small and overloaded.