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[OCLUG-Tech] Gui program editors / IDEs


I've been using Quanta Plus for a couple of years as my primary web-related (html, php, perl, javascript, dhtml, ajax) editor - and I used Allaire Homesite for years before when I was mandated a Windows desktop via corporate policy. I chose Quanta at the time as it was modelled on Homesite, therefore I did not have to pay a productivity penalty on changing environments and desktop operating systems.

I like a lot about Quanta Plus, but it has some serious ongoing problems with memory leaks and processor race conditions - it has gotten a little better over time, but there are some fundamental coding errors somewhere - and I do not have the time to go hunting myself to find them. I basically have to shut down Quanta Plus every day or so to get the CPU/memory usage back down to expected levels.

I am a power user, and can have ten (or more) open files at once being edited, so the problems I experience with Quanta Plus may not show up for all people.

Features I like:

	Project management & source code control
	Tag completion
	Protocol support for remote SSH
	Syntax checking, code structure validation
	DTD validation
	S&R spans over projects
	Hand coding of html versus hated GUI "auto" coding
	Code formatting to user configurable rules
	MDI environment

I use and like vim for command line editing, but the environment just isn't "IDE" enough to reach the productivity levels I have in Quanta Plus.

What tools are folks using on the list? What may be worth checking out? Are other people experiencing the same issues I am with Quanta Plus?

Bill Strosberg

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