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[OCLUG-Tech] New LaTex user ??


I just started using LaTex; I have managed to markup, view and print my
first tutorial document and a real document.  But I am looking for some
suggestions, tips and/or tricks for easier use.

     1. Is there an easier way for a beginner to get at the various
        commands rather than just using my memory or continually going
        to 'info'?
     2. Should I build a little sidekick-like file as a command reminder
        sheet or does something like that already exist?
     3. I used LaTex mode in gedit and emacs for writing and Xdvik for
        viewing.  Is there a specific LaTex writing and viewing gui
        program that is any good?
     4. Does anybody know of a site that gives style and formatting
        suggestions/discussion for different types of documents?
     5. If I wanted, could I just copy or import a LaTex document into
        OOwrite?  Would I end up with the markups showing?
     6. Any other suggestions that have come in handy from experienced

I have googled and wikipedia-ed for answers.  'Off-the-top-of-the-head'
responses would be enough to get me headed in the right direction.

Regards Bill