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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Linux input device names

On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 05:10:00PM -0400, Adrian Irving-Beer wrote:
> The Linux 'input' layer is a nifty thing.  Certainly it's handy to
> have unified event system for mice, keyboards, joysticks, etc.
> My complaint is that the only determining factor in terms of who gets
> what device is the order in which they're detected, and/or the order
> you plug them in.  If I plug my USB joystick in before my tablet,
> they'll get event3 and event4 respectively, but if I don't want the
> joystick, my tablet is event3.  If I plug in the tablet at boot time,
> it can get a lower device like event2 or whatnot.  Etc.
> Is there a means to statically specify a particular device, perhaps by
> USB preduct ID or input device name?  Has there been any other thought
> to this problem at all?  Google searches seem to be fruitless, since
> everyone seems happy enough to figure it out once and never touch it
> again -- at least, until their next hardware purchase, or kernel
> upgrade, or ...
> I've mitigated this by making a symlink, and I'm looking at making a
> hotplug script that would update said symlink.  It won't solve other
> hotplugging issues (like X11-xorg not seeing it until next server
> restart), but at least it'll prevent dropping to console to fix it.

Udev creates /dev entries based on all kinds of usb info.


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