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[OCLUG-Tech] Favourite flavours of Java

Hi Folks,

I've run into a conundrum with one of my projects..  I've got an
opensource backend I want to use, but it's written in java which I've
been somewhat irritated with over the last several years.

My opinion of java has been: "Great concept, mostly nice follow-thru...
but with some serious closed v.s. open licensing baggage."

A long time ago, I had tried using kaffe, but found it kinda sucked..
but that was a LONG time ago..(circa java 1.0 or 1.1, kaffe was at 0.?)

I've searched the internet forums for variations on 
"sun v.s. gnu +java".. there isn't much.

Just wanted to hear some opinions of gcj & gij... especially if you've 
used them with jython.

Of course... I'll be diving in tonight to see how much trouble the usual
"hello world" fodder takes...  If I get nightmares, I'll post a warning
for all..

philip [ at ] orpen [ dot ] com (Pgp: 0xB578851A)
Freelance Linux Technician  (Need Help?)

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