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[OCLUG-Tech] Smtp Error

I thought I would maybe give oclug a try with an error that seems to be 
related not only to ISPconfig.

when I go to http://mydomain.com:81/mailuser/login/index.php

I get prompted for the username and password command.

If I type some made up username and password I get

Error: Unknown User

IF I type the correct username and password or a password I made up but the 
username is correct I get this error:

Error: User error: Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command.

I've done a google search on the error and see a few posts but it almost 
seems those are not related. I mean I'm trying to login via port 80 right 
and not use a client like evolution.


Just wondering what is generating this error, why and how to fix it.

 This is what I get when I set a var to 1 and not 0 in one of the the files, 
output shows up at the top of the screen:
 Connecting to localhost ... < +OK POP3 localhost.localdomain
v2003.83server ready > USER web1_marko0 < -ERR Unknown AUTHORIZATION
state command
Closing connection

Please and thanks..[image: :study:]