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[OCLUG-Tech] [JOB SPAM] fulltime linux driver work

Hello all,

From what I know this is a fulltime position through a headhunter.  
If interested, please contact Jaspreet.


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From: Jaspreet Singh <jaspreet_sachdev-at-yahoo-dot-com>

We are seeking to hire Senior level Linux Development
Engineer with 
experience with Linux kernel, kernel modules &

- Linux Kernel development & test, includes
development of kernel 
modules &
drivers for a next generation networking product.

- University degree (BEE or Bsc, or better)
- 5 or more years of Linux development experience.
- Strong C programming skills
- Strong experience and knowledge with Linux kernel
(as well as kernel
modules & drivers).
- Experience with Linux 2.4 & 2.6 kernels.
- Must have good understanding of the Linux networking
stack and its 
to user level socket functionality.
- Strong communication Skills

- Knowledge of Linux memory management, thread
management, bus 
(PCI-X preferred), DMA, IRQs is very desirable
- Knowledge of kevent / kqueue functionality.
- Experience with networking protocols ( ie. TCP/IP,
- Experience with data products like routers, bridges
& switches.
- Knowledge of system-performance tuning.

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